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"Gangs have had a presence on the Internet since its inception.This became noticeable during the 1990s when it became fashionable for gangs to use free webspace from internet service providers to put up their own gang webpage." Finding gangs on Geo Cities, blackplanet, and especially Myspace, along with other internet service providers (ISPs), provided the foundation of what today is known as gang internet investigation, a specialized area of expertise in gang investigation.Black Planet has recently introduced two interactive games for users, Farmandia and Fishdom.Black Planet describes Farmandia as follows: "Farmandia puts you in the farmer's seat.The Facebook status update feature is used to ask questions to the page followers, and is well responded to in general.Questions have included, "What do you think of the idea of Black Marriage Day?The guys who started Myspace were quoted in Business Week magazine saying that they looked at Black Planet as a model for Myspace and thought there was an opportunity to do a general market version of what Black Planet was.

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It’s ridiculous to see so much spam and so many obvious attempts to get you to spend money in return for nothing at all.

Its Twitter feed is updated on a near daily basis, commenting and highlighting points of interest to the black community.

Recent tweets include: "83% of BP voters think non-Black rappers shouldn't use the #nword... " The Black Planet Twitter feed is also used to post announcements and updates regarding the Black Planet site itself.

I don’t think I’ve come across a place with more fake female profiles than this place has.

Black offers apps for both i Phone and Android devices.Gary Dauphin, an original employee of Black Planet, argues that while the ethnicity of the site's owners is important to understanding the site, owners of one ethnicity can sometimes serve an audience of another ethnicity.