Black athletes dating white datingmarried

20-Aug-2020 09:45

Date whoever you want, but don’t downgrade your race, because no matter what you say, your mom, grandmother, aunts, cousins and etc are all black women, so if you talking down to black women you are talking down to your blood.

Redskins Lyndon Antonio Trail on his personal Facebook page asked the question why do so many black athletes date white women.

This year, in a supplement to the report, he also recalculated the graduation data using the NCAA’s metric, the graduation success rate.

Federal graduation data do not account for transfer students, but Harper said the differences in the two data sets were minimal.

Whatever the case he replied to Antonio Trail’s post by saying black women are uncoachable and aren’t submissive enough for his liking.

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While across the board in Division I, black male athletes do graduate in higher percentages than black college men who don’t play sports, that’s not the case with the 65 institutions that comprise the Power 5, the NCAA’s wealthiest leagues: the Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Southeastern Conferences.These are the colleges most in the sports spotlight that have, for decades, dominated football and men's basketball championships.

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