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11-Nov-2020 17:07

There was the claim Bines made in 2017, that her meal plans had gone some way in helping a customer overcome cancer.

There have been, for years, reports of Ashy Bines' programs over-charging customers and making "unauthorised deductions".

And does even asking these questions constitute a 'pile-on'?

Can one investigate claims made against Ashy Bines without being accused of tearing other women down?

There were the headlines about Bines allegedly owing 0,000 in tax debt.

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Suddenly, before and after photos of ordinary women began to appear in Facebook newsfeeds - the picture on the left often featuring a woman who looked sad, pale and defeated, and the woman on the right looking thinner, browner and, well, an awful lot like Ashy Bines.

#doitfordolly." The hashtag referred to a campaign to end bullying, in light of the suicide of 14-year-old Dolly Everett. But it did provide a springboard by which to ask some important questions.

Is the constant criticism waged at Bines, in fact, a form of bullying? What should a potential consumer know before signing up for an Ashy Bines program, or purchasing products off her website?

A post shared by Snapchat : Ashybines1 (@ashybines) on First, there were the plagiarism claims where a Brisbane woman named Allie Dodds alleged Bines stole her recipes and photos from her own blog, Mealspiration.

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Bines later admitted the recipes in her clean eating e-book had been "copied from other sources".

In saying that, we are highly confident in our customer service and support teams ability.

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