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04-Oct-2019 09:41

I was recently in Portland, Oregon to film for a television show, but during my downtime, I wanted to explore and learn more about Portland.I quickly logged onto Tinder and decided that the first person I would swipe right with would be the first person I would meet up with! They are extremely popular out there and they are very addictive!Rana from Cairo had travelled to Romania to get away from a really bad breakup. I stayed in Romania for 6 weeks and it was my first ever solo trip, but when I got there, I realised I felt more lonely than ever. We discussed so many things, marriage rituals in our countries, education, culture, religion, politics, even our past relationships.Even though everything was very different in our countries (I’m Egyptian, she was Romanian), we were both very similar in many ways.We are still together today.” Even if you’re not looking to meet the love of your life right now, you can still make meaningful connections.Which sometimes, can come along at just the right time. She showed me around and we walked for hours, just experiencing the city.My date took me to a secret alleyway full of jazz clubs, we went to queer bars, and she took me to Kulturhuset (The Culture House).We ended up spending 2 out of the 3 days together, and the rest is history!

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I met a Canadian guy, he had a lot of travel photos on his profile, he surfed, and looked like he would be up for some fun activities.

I was on high alert because, well, a hotel bar seemed a bit suggestive.

However, what I found there was an impeccably dressed gentleman sipping a gin and tonic in an exquisite setting.

And you never know what might happen; a lasting friendship, a unique experience, a hot international hook up, or even meeting the love of your life!

So go ahead and put yourself (and your profile) out there!

I posted travel related pictures and put in my bio that I was looking for ‘adventure friends’.