Best dating sites landing pages

29-Aug-2020 13:29

In the end, it’s all about creating the best ad campaigns with killer landing pages and demographic targeting.

It allows for the user to rate the person on a five star scale with an anonymous option.

It’s been a while since I had a really kick ass post on ad campaigns and creatives.

So while I was looking for some new offers today, I was thinking about how much we can learn from the different landing pages that we have access to, specifically in the dating niche.

How many people are visiting these web sites and think a single girl on the couch is actually talking to them when they access the page? When it comes to online dating, you probably want most of your information private.

When it comes to online cheating and adultery, you can bet the customers really want their information private.

The idea in some form is to have the man give a five star and the woman rate less but with small comments.

They are both on the bench with different emotions looking at each others past dates on their respective phones.

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This is working and it’s making it a lot easier and faster for people to sign up to these dating web sites.

Let’s take a look at 7 different dating web sites, their landing pages and what we can learn from each. Lately they have been doing a great job with their landing pages and showing a “sneak peak” of member photos, but the majority of them are blocked by a free photo search form, which actually leads to a full registration path.