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19-Apr-2020 07:39

That’s also where Bay Area photographers such as Eddie Hernandez have found a calling.

Hernandez runs a business that charges his clients 5 for three hours of shooting their dating profile photos, mostly in San Francisco, where he lives.

And to date within the reaches of Silicon Valley means the apps are particularly unavoidable.

Literally every single-and-ready-to-mingle person you know is on them. Dress casual Settle down, cowboy: If you show up to a first date wearing a suit and tie, your date is going to scream and run the other direction.

So if you're dating around a little bit, maybe expand your pool beyond the reaches of The Town to avoid an awkward encounter.

Related problem: You'll probably hook up with someone one of your friends has already dated.

Every city comes with its own unique set of dating problems. We've assembled some tips for making it easier to find that someone worthy of your heart in the East Bay. Avoid the across-the-bay LDR Try telling someone in an actual long-distance relationship that Oakland to San Francisco is an LDR, and they'll probably laugh in your face. Yes, their paychecks may make you grow dollar signs for eyes, but many of them still struggle to feed or dress themselves. For them, adult life is nap pods and personal chefs and spending piles of disposable income on Postmates and overpriced cocktails. If you're going to cuff, cuff fast Rent is expensive.

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This is the place for San Francisco Bay Area Singles to get together.Put a little extra thought into the shoes and jacket but keep it cool with jeans and a T-shirt and you're golden.