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27-Dec-2019 17:46

As traditional Hawaiian culture continued to unravel, these sports were driven to near extinction by the mid 19th century. While some of them underwent a resurgence in the late 19th and early 20th century (surfing, as a prominent example), mokomoko fell out of practice completely. At the start of the match, the two athletes would begin exchanging blows with closed fists, primarily aiming at the head. Neither opponent dodged these blows, and sources conflict as to whether blocking was allowed.

The bout continued like this until one of the athletes was no longer able to continue. Tata Steel in association with Sports Authority of India (SAI) has set up “Tata Steel - SAI extension center in Athletics and Boxing” (Non-Residential) in Jamshedpur.

Bakke could have been the fatherless son of an illiterate washerwoman and it would not have mattered: Because he was white, he did not qualify.… continue reading »

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