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“That’s the reason Courtney and I split up and I probably should have learned from that, but hindsight is 20/20 and I’m happy to move forward and have a private relationship.”He even bragged about her on social media, which served as the official “confirmation” of his relationship.

In early 2015, he posted a photo and wrote of Jones, “I’m one lucky man.. He also posted a since-deleted Instagram photo of Jones kissing him sweetly on the cheek.

And it’s not your typical Hawaii wedding — if you look at the venue, it’s very old-world and looks very European with sort of a tropical twist.

It’s exactly what we pictured as an ideal wedding venue.

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Luyendyk told Kufrin he wanted to break off their engagement, in hopes of winning Burnham back.’ Lauren and her friends went to the races because her friend was watching another guy.They went into the pits and took some photos with Arie and [joked] around with him.We kept thinking about different options and Haiku Mill just kept coming up, so we got a date there and we’re really excited.” 2018, Luyendyk proposed to Becca Kufrin and rejected Burnham on the finale episode.

He then was shown breaking up with fiancee Kufrin after just two months of being engaged.

The two will wed at the Haiku Mill in Maui, on January 12, 2019.