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The Republic Claims which had been helpful with information about the other names was not helpful as John Bricker was killed in the war and and of course never applied for his back wages.

The information proving that Bricker had been a resident of the Lake Creek Settlement comes from a collection of records which have been transcribed in Montgomery County, Texas.

Because the actual Republic Claims are extremely fragile, access to the records is restricted.

In addition to the digital images linked within the index, high-quality microfilmed copies of the documents are available.

This letter is evidence that John Bricker was residing in the Lake Creek Settlement for a year prior to his enlistment in the Texas army.

The known Texian soldiers who fought in the Texas Revolution from the Lake Creek Settlement included: Jacob H. With additional research, we can now add John Bricker's name to the list of Texian soldiers from the Lake Creek Settlement.

Shepperd, Mathew (or Matthew) Cartwright, William Cartwright, Raleigh Rogers, Jacob Shannon, Evin (or Evan) Corner, John Marshall Wade, A. John Bricker was a member of Captain Mosely Baker's company and was killed by Santa Anna's soldiers while defending the San Felipe crossing of the Brazos River on April 7, 1836.

Mosely Baker and his company prevented Santa Anna from reestablishing the ferry there and slowed Santa Ann's progress for several days which allowed the government of Texas just enough time to escape Harrisburg before Santa Anna's arrival.

As Santa Anna had not been able to cross at San Felipe, he had had to travel south to the crossing captured by General Filisola near present day Richmond.

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