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Can these women in the 90 Day Fiance franchise find anyone from other countries or is there a special rate on mail-order husbands from those two?Despite the concerns of her friends and family, Rebecca is ready to throw Rebecca meets with her daughter and son-in-law to discuss her upcoming trip to Tunisia.Between Caesar’s creepy stare, the fact that he takes care of feet for a living and that he was specifically looking for a woman from Ukraine…. Maria cons Caesar into taking her to a resort in Mexico rather than meet her in her home country of Ukraine. ’ It’s clear that this poor sap is being taken advantage of.He tries to tempt her with a cheap hotel and coffee with friends and Maria isn’t having it. I don’t know how he is affording this gold digger on a nail tech’s salary.This guy will be eating ramen noodles for years to pay this money back.I doubt she will even show up since she has flaked several times before.

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Once he meets her in person, Caesar plans on getting down on one knee and proposing to the woman of his dreams. With all seriousness, something is weird about this guy. Caesar is riding a bike and clipping coupons so that he can fully support Maria. This woman sends him generic videos that she could be sending to 10 different men.

Even though Omar lives in Syria, his profile originally said he lived in America.

Despite all of this they fell in love online and got engaged.

Her daughter is not happy with her mother considering her last foreign love story was a disaster. Rebecca will reveal a secret to Zied when they meet, that could jeopardize their relationship. Her boyfriend, Zied has no idea that she is still technically married and is just now filing her paperwork for a divorce.

I can’t wait until Zied finally sees her and realizes how heavily filtered those videos and photos were. Rebecca breaks out the old ring light to video call Zied. This is really bad because in Zied’s culture, a relationship with a married woman is strictly forbidden. Maybe you should have given him a choice rather than make him break a rule in his culture unknowingly. Although, Rebecca has filed papers nothing will be official until after she returns to her trip.

In just a few short days Avery will travel to Lebanon to meet her fiance.

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