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Please email your details to us to claim your prize, Please reply back with this code for us to know that you are the rightful winner of your donation prize Code : DAVE/ANGELA/WINNER/020017Congratulations Dave & Angela Dawes Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at AMSubject: Greeting from USA I. Meanwhile you are advice to reconfirm the below information upon contacting us to avoid delivery to wrong person after obtaining the needed Claiming Of Ownership Certificate from Benin Republic because that is what the Homeland Security Service here are waiting for .1, Full name:  2, Address:    3, Occupation:  4, Cell-Phone:5, Nearest Airport: Once you notify us with the above information and the needed Claiming Of Ownership Certificate from Benin Republic, the USA Homeland Security Service will release your Package to you and it will be delivered to you by the Agent of (U. as an accountant officer in Benin Republic Send the .00 usd through western union once you receive this mail with the information below for immediate release of your package, Receiver NAME:....... Please, I want you to contact the Barrister for the collection of this international Certified Bank Check immediately without delay. Bangkok Thailand [email address removed] You are promptly advised to contact the Barrister immediately for the claim of your £1.5 million British Pounds, The Barrister will advice and instruct you on how to receive your Certified Bank Check.

The name and contact address of our Barrister is as follows. *Sha Jing Park Chambers and Associates.* 11TH Floor Landmark tower . We will be traveling to Bahamas for an investment project and may not be responding to emails.

In order to avoid fine you have to pay in 48 hours.

Actualmente estamos verificando nuestras cuentas de suscriptores de correo electrónico con el fin de aumentar la eficiencia de nuestras características webmail.Do let me know if you are interested , then please share your Project Requirements OR may be reference website which you think is similar to your need, We could talk with our Technical Team and could provide you affordable quotation with the best offer. if you intrested contact me to skype my skype id is " mediaformarketing" Kinds Regards Christopher Holland --Email Scanned by Mail Shark Safeguarding Global Email greetings : Erectile Dysfunction; EVERYTHING YOU NEED to grow your potency high! alamag --Email Scanned by Mail Shark Safeguarding Global Email Date : Congratulations Hello , With due respect, trust and humility We have today finalize our donation I and my wife Angela has finally present our donation draw today which your E-mail today was selected as a winner for our donation program MARCH 11TH 2016.

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