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07-May-2020 04:51

This DHCP option permits the DHCP server the following possible interactions for processing DNS information on behalf of DHCP clients that include Option Code 81 in the DHCPRequest message they send to the server: DHCP and static DNS service are not compatible for keeping name-to-address mapping information synchronized.

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Quick Books Online includes: Full use of the features of the particular version of Quick Books Online, automatic upgrades to your selected version at no extra cost, secure storage of your data, and product support Quick Books Online has a wide variety of built-in reports to show you where your business stands.While DHCP provides a powerful mechanism for automatically configuring client IP addresses, until recently DHCP did not notify the DNS service to update the DNS records on the client; specifically, updating the client name to an IP address, and IP address to name mappings maintained by a DNS server.