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The important thing is that you can share in that positively with them and not patronise them or lessen the experience.

My friend gets exasperated with his girlfriend because she gets excited over random stuff that means so little to him now.

(which he likely met his 16 year old girlfriend at, because all of his coworkers on the evening shift are high schoolers.) He'll then get the aforementioned 16 year old pregnant a couple times and get fired from Mc Donald's for stealing money from the register; if he's just slightly smarter than most of them he will go to the temp agency and get an entry level warehouse job for 12 dollars an hour, only to get fired for either calling off 5 times in three weeks or for coming in high on heroin or pills.

His name is either Kevin, Shane or Austin, and he lives in a medium sized town in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky. All in all definitely a guy that has his shit together.

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He still lives at home at 25, and blasts soundcloud rap and pop country from either a 1994 Honda Civic with 300,000 miles on it, or from a jacked up Chevy or Ford that he can barely afford with his minimum wage job at Mc Donald's.

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I would like to date someone of a similar maturity as myself, however that is very difficult as that would mean dating someone older - who might generally be turned off by a young guy - e.g.Some women dates/in relationships/marry much younger men i.e. i am a 26 year old woman but, i don't look my age at all everyone who doesn't know me think i'm between 16 and 18 years.