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Of course the poor capital, bless it, comes off worse in the comparison. But then again I am a completely biased Mancunian who loves everything about this great northern metropolis and its lovely little satellite towns.The poster, in all it forms, is available from selected shops, galleries and even a nice little restaurant in West Didsbury. No, it's not polluted - it's the iron oxide, or something like that, that seeps into the water, which gives the Bridgewater Canal in Worsley its distinctive orange colour, an almost identical hue to that of tomato soup, in fact (many thanks to my old mate Simon Donohue for coming up with that comparison). So cool is it, in fact, that it was recently featured in the The Great British Interior Design Challenge. This poster, by Eric Jackson, is available from A4 size all the way up to A1, through and at the usual markets and selected shops/galleries.And as for the town's swanky new cinema tagged on to the old town hall, well that's something special indeed. And it’s my home and I love it, even though I’m a Manc by birth. Welcome to Sale - is it in Manchester, Trafford or Cheshire? My poster features an amazing Industrial Revolution crane on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal in the town centre.

Just a pity the old theatre is no longer functioning.Which is also why I’ve depicted the woman in a Mary Quant dress. There really is a lighthouse in Monton, near Eccles and Worsley in Greater Manchester.Very sixties, very ‘cool for cats.’ And here’s a confession, if I was a woman, that’s definitely the look I’d go for. Another fine example of British eccentricity (it’s in a garden of a house belonging to a bloke called Phil, and it has rooms and a light), captured in my poster of the increasingly trendy suburb.Either way, it’s cool for cats, to quote the great Squeeze.

With this poster I’ve moved away from the English look and gone a bit more continental and, at the risk of sounding pretentious (which isn’t me at all), a bit more Mondrian, with lots of black and geometric angles. seems like it’s happened virtually overnight, but from certain angles Manchester, with its shiny new skyscrapers, is looking a lot like Manhattan in New York.